Capital credits are the revenue or margins that are left over after all bills associated with doing business have been paid.  The amount of money members receive is based on how much electricity they purchased during the year or years that are being paid out.      

Each year Crow Wing Powers Board of Directors makes a decision on whether to refund capital credits based on the financial health of the cooperative. During some years the co-op may experience high growth in the number of new accounts added or severe storms may result in the need to spend additional funds to repair lines. Both events might cause the Board to defer any capital credit refunds. 

If you move or no longer have electric service with Crow Wing Power, it is important that you keep your address current with us so that future disbursements can be properly mailed. Capital credits are reserved for members even if they move out of Crow Wing Power’s service area.

In most cases, capital credit checks are not taxable for residential consumers. However, Crow Wing Power recommends consulting your tax advisor for all tax-related matters.

Effective April 18, 1986, the Board of Directors adopted a new policy in paying off capital credits to estates in accordance with Minnesota statute. Capital Credits of deceased members may be paid to his/her estate upon request of their heir. Heirs of deceased members will have two options in receiving the capital credits. 

Deceased Member’s Capital Credit Retirement Options

The heirs/legatees of a deceased Cooperative member have two options to receive the capital credits allocated to the deceased member.


The first option is the general retirement option which will pay the heirs/legatees of the deceased member the non-discounted capital credits according to the normal retirement process of the Cooperative. This means that heirs/legatees will receive the capital credits over an approximately 24-year period as approved by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative each year.


The second option heirs may take a discounted amount of money in one lump sum. The discount rate is based on the primate rate on the 1st of each year. Paperwork received to Crow Wing Power after the 1st of the year will be paid at that year’s rate.  In order to assist members in making their selection, the heirs/legatees of a deceased member’s estate can contact the Billing Department and speak to a representative. Crow Wing Power will mail the information you need to retire the estate.

We request a death certificate and an Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property for both options A & B.

Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property

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